noun: perfume; plural noun: perfumes

a fragrant liquid typically made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices, used to give a pleasant smell to one’s body.

A spritz of perfume is an essential step in every girls’ daily beauty routine, not only does it makes us feel good but it seduces our senses, triggers memories from years gone by and allows us to express our individuality.

I’ve worn perfume for as long as I can remember; of course my taste has changed as I’ve matured, in my teens I used to love sweet scents and vanilla was a big game changer for girls at school, but now I tend to go for fresh citrus fragrances, light florals and occasional musks in the evening.

Stella McCartney ‘Stella’: This sensual scent has been my number one for about five years now, every day is an occasion to wear this beautiful, feminine fuse of English rose and amber contrasts. People always comment when I wear this and it’s one that I can easily take from day to night.

Ralph Lauren ‘Ralph’: This scent reminds me of my best friend Amber, who deserves an honourable mention here because if it wasn’t for her I never would’ve fallen in love with this charismatic fragrance. It evokes memories of being in New York during the ’10 summer, shopping up a storm and blowing out our budgets severely. This is a scent for the days I’m full of energy and spirit, it’s perfect for the gym or outdoor exercise, a day at the beach or meeting friends for lunch. It’s a fresh, floral fragrance with zesty undertones.

Burberry ‘London’: This is a classic floral scent that epitomizes the London lifestyle. It’s elegant yet confident and has top notes of rose and honeysuckle, it’s heart notes are a beautiful bouquet of tiare flower, jasmine and peony with a hint of fresh clementine zest.

Gucci ‘Gucci’: This is my favourite evening fragrance, it’s exotic, sensual and a little uni-sex. It contains notes of guava, pear and chamomile with floral accords of lily of the valley and neroli and it’s base notes are patchouli and musk making it the perfect scent to wear out on a date night.

Issey Miyake ‘L’eau D’issey’: I love this timeless fragrance; it’s feminine, classic and fresh, making it a perfect addition to your daytime routine. It reminds me a little of a forest and evokes memories of having a real Christmas tree in the house with notes of lotus, freesia, cyclamen and melon and ends with the enticing combination of cedar, sandal, musk and amber.



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