My workout muse Caroline Pearce shares her tips on how to keep your fitness in check while on holiday

Even with the best of intentions in place, trying to keep fit while on holiday doesn’t always work out the way we plan; before we realise it we have cocktails double-parked by the pool, local cuisines begging to be eaten, and ice-creams running down our arms. But that’s also the beauty of a holiday, it’s a change of pace and routine, time to relax, indulge in new experiences, rekindle our appreciation of this beautiful world, and undo the top button on our pants.

I turned to my #WomanCrushEveryDay, TV presenter and elite athlete Caroline Pearce, to design a holiday workout you can take anywhere.  It requires no equipment, is adaptable to every fitness level, will not only elevate your heart rate but best of all, leave you with a lasting metabolic burn your body will thank you for.


  1. Reverse lunges – alternating legs x 40
  2. Tricep push-ups (elbows in, hands close together) – single leg, so one leg is held in the air, switch legs half way x 20
  3. Hand to opposite toe crunches, alternate sides keeping legs and arms straight x 20
  4. Military get-ups (In a plank position on elbows use arms to push up, up, down, down) remembering to switch lead arm half way x 20
  5. Crawl outs to double leg jump (standing straight, place hands on the floor and crawl out into a plank, crawl back to standing and jump for height) x 10

You’ll see in the video below I am performing the exercises in the order Caroline recommends to give you a visual representation, please also note the video is sped up 20% to make it a quick video for you to watch, because I know you’ll be dying to try this workout yourself!

The Holiday Workout

In this video I show you how to perform the exercises in the order Caroline recommends. Please note the video is sped up 20%
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Single leg tricep push-ups are an advanced move, which require a lot of upper body strength.  Don’t panic if you can’t do these, you can simplify them by either placing both feet on the ground, or dropping to your knees, it’s still an extremely effective exercise to target the upper body whichever way is more comfortable for you to complete.


This circuit is an excellent form of full-body conditioning and high-intensity exercises starting with the engagement of our biggest muscles in our lower body, followed by the upper body, our core, an integrated core move, which means rather than performing an abdominal exercise in isolation, we activate both the shoulders and glutes (distal trunk muscles) as well as challenging our co-ordination and balance, and lastly a cardio move to elevate both our heart-rate and metabolic burn.


Although many of us opt for a relaxing holiday rather than an adrenaline-filled adventure, we are still incorporating exercise into our days without even realising the wonderful effects it’s having on our bodies.


Frolicking in the waves, splashing in the surf, treading water, and completing and a few lazy laps in the pool are great ways to elevate our heart-rate with virtually no impact to our bodies, and best of all we stay cool while doing it.


Often on holiday we spend a lot of time sight-seeing so where possible walk! Your body will love your for it.  A stroll along the beach or through the village shops will be beneficial to your health and it’s low impact on your joints, what better way to enjoy that cheeky afternoon cocktail knowing you’ve earnt it!


For another mode of transport, why not ride a bike!  A great way to get around on your own or with a group of friends, and riding your way around a vineyard has become quite a popular way of doing wine tours.  They’re also perfect for when you want to stop at your own leisure to take photos of the local sights.


Most hotel’s have gym facilities these days so jump online and do your research before you jet off.  Even a quick 20 minute workout before breakfast will help not only boost your metabolism, but also boost your mood by releasing endorphins, commonly known as our body’s natural opiates.





















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