Inside JR's Hut at Kimo Estate

Where the rolling hills of Kimo Estate meet the meandering Murrumbidgee River awaits JR’s Hut, your luxury off-grid accommodation experience.

Leading increasingly busy lives, often the best thing we can do for ourselves is disconnect for a few days. Fortunately we don’t have to travel far to do so, conveniently located just 10 minutes from Gundagai, and half way between Sydney and Melbourne, JR’s Hut offers a unique way to digitally detox whilst allowing you to enjoy the memorable aspects of countryside living.

Find pleasure in your own remote section of the 7,000 acre working farm, pack a picnic and go exploring, put your feet up and read a book, warm yourself with a glass of wine, breathe in the fresh country air while listening to the serene sounds of the Cockatoos in the late afternoon. Reinvigorate yourself with a sunrise yoga flow, or if you’d prefer to sleep in, do that too. No phones, no electricity, no interruptions, life as Mother Nature intended, simple and uninterrupted.

Picture credit: Daniel Griffiths Photography


  1. Hi Vesna, it’s a great guest house situated between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. The bathroom has a shower and a standard flushing Australian style toilet located inside the house, both run off solar panels.

  2. Dear Madam / Sir,
    Thanks for the details, Can you please share the floor Plan.

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