When travelling, it’s not always convenient to get to a gym and nor do you want to dedicate an hour on your holiday to working out, but you also don’t want to let your pre-holiday gains fall by the wayside either.  Introducing gliding discs, the perfect workout accessory, small enough to fit inside your handbag and light enough to place in your carry-on.

Who doesn’t love a holiday?  Silly question right, we all do. Scrolling through social media saving images of places we’d love to visit before that day finally becomes a reality, staying out late without a care for the morning alarm, sampling local cuisines and making new friends along the way, what’s not to love.  In fact our exercise regime will likely be the farthest thing from our mind, and definitely won’t feature high on our ‘to-do’ list while we’re in vacay mode.

But it’s important not to completely forego training just because you’re on holiday.  After all, you’ve committed hours to the gym this year and endured many tired, achey muscles achieving your fitness goals. So when Bondi Balance recently gifted me a set of gliding discs to trial, I happily accepted.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, the following week I was off on a girls trip to Port Douglas where I was able to use the gliding discs daily and with ease right…beside…the…pool (sigh).

The benefits of gliding discs far outweigh their convenience factor, not only small and affordable, they allow you to move through a wider range of motion with virtually no impact.  They also help improve balance, flexibility, strength and stability by creating a somewhat unstable surface, which challenges your proprioception, or your body’s ability to control its limbs without looking at them, and your core.

If you’re thinking this is great, but what exercises can I perform with them?  There’s plenty of videos available online, and I’ve also created a short video demonstrating some of my favourite core-centric exercises, with an extra two leg movements thrown in at the end for good measure.


Gliding Disc Workout


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