There’s a decadent array of sparkling bling available to adorn our fingers, ears and neck this season, but one of my favourite jewellery styles currently trending is ring stacking.

Ring Stacking

Made popular by celebrities such as uber model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, ring stacking is such a versatile way to show off your finer side and can easily be transitioned from day to night. But like any trend, there are rules, some written in stone never to be broken and some a little more flexible, so I’m here to take you through the do’s and don’ts of stacking.

Often seen as a jewellery faux pas is mixing gold and silver, I’m unsure when this rule originated, and perhaps it holds some truth with statement pieces, but when mixing delicate rings the rules are a lot more flexible. If in doubt look for pieces that come paired together in a set of mixed metals.

Don’t be afraid to mix shapes and textures.  Remember ladies, jewellery is about creating your own unique look and I am a firm believer that so long as you’re confident, it doesn’t really matter what you’ve paired together, you’ll pull it off!  I often mix round shapes with horizontal lines, smooth textures with bling, there is no rule here and so long as the look is balanced it will work.


Ring StackingThe thumb and pinky finger will usually only hold one ring each, but your pointer, middle and ring fingers can hold up to as many as four or five rings, depending on how you’re feeling, so the finer the rings, the more you can wear.  Don’t be afraid to leave a finger void of rings, even though we’re all about the stack and wearing multiple jewels, you are allowed to spread them out.

Another piece of advice I can offer is you don’t need to spend a fortune achieving this look, we are inundated with online retailers helping us achieve the luxe-for-less look due to the marketing genius that is instagram spreading the word, it provides us with access to designers we wouldn’t normally have heard of and helps to give us ideas on how to achieve the perfect stack.

A few of my favourite places to shop this look are Wanderlust + Co which offers affordable stackable pieces, and the Dark Horse online retailer specialising in many different types of rings and from an array of popular designers including Amber Sceats and Sarah & Sebastian.

And remember to always protect your rings, keep them in a safe place, try as much as possible to keep them out of water and be especially diligent in removing them when using cleaning products, it’s inevitable that a gold plated ring will fade over time and can be taken to a reputable jeweller to re-coat it, but this is a personal  choice and would come at a cost, but with the proper TLC your beloved bling will shine bright for a long time.

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